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Take a look at some of my recently completed projects

Initially ripped up a floor due to poor workmanship. Re-fixed the plyboard due to inadequate fixings, feathered all the joints and indentations then applied a flexible smoothing compound to make the floor lovely and smooth for the next day's fitting! Projectline luxury vinyl tiles. On a high temperature adhesive which will prevent shrinkage and expansion when the sunlight hits through the windows

This beautiful cottage had a damp issue and the floors were unsuitable for the installation of laminate and luxury vinyl tiles. I applied a liquid damp proof membrane To prevent the damp coming through, along with a smoothing compound to get the floors nice and level before installing the new flooring. All done in 2 days whilst the customer was at work.

Starting with different levels of subfloors to level and smooth. Camaro Luxury Vinyl Tiles on top of Ardex NA smoothing compound. Transformation completed in a day and a half. One happy customer and one happy floorlayer!

A massive difference. 11mm thick underlay and the carpet was 12mm thick which makes it one of the softest floors in Romsey!

This customer messaged me Wednesday night, measured, quoted and carpet chose on Friday night, prepared and ready for carpet Sunday, ordered Monday and fitted same afternoon! Hoovered, rubbish removed and ready to move in.

Here’s a job that broke all my records for timescales and looks absolutely stunning if I say so myself. Completely bare on Wednesday and everything completed on Saturday. Nice cushion floor white oak vinyl in the bathrooms, Apollo elite carpet on 11mm underlay, brushed chrome door bars with lvt carpet combo on the stairs which flows down to luxury vinyl tiles throughout the main ground floor area. Using the same Product downstairs allowed a seamless finish between the 2 products. 

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